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Apple iPad reveals on PCWorld Podcast 72

Posted by My Love Technology On April - 5 - 2010

Apple iPad

Finally, the Apple iPad has hit the streets, after too much waiting, rumors and speculation. PCWorld’s editors have spent the day exploring it from every angle, including smashing one to see how good it takes a beating. Listen in as we take off the gloves, cut through the hype and talk seriously about Apple’s new creation.

MSI brings new wireless and motion-sensing Air Keyboard

Posted by My Love Technology On February - 25 - 2010

Last year, Cideko had managed to get our attention with its motion-sensing, wireless Air Keyboard. But for anyone, it is been hard to come by which is not seeking it out. MSI announced that it will start selling the MSI Air Keyboard, a wireless and motion-sensing keyboard for home Msi-airkeyboardtheater PCs. Now, MSI looks set to bring it to a wider audience, but, as it is now announced its own rebadged version of the keyboard.

This Air Keyboard was first introduced last summer by Cideko and it will be co-branded when MSI launches it in Germany.

Features include in the mini QWERTY Air keyboard:

•    14.2 × 8.8 × 3.3 inches (WxDxH)
•    Include gamepad
•    Include Wii-like gyroscopic sensors for cursor control
•    Connects via USB port with an included RF dongle
•    Range is up to 50 meters
•    Two AA batteries providing up to 50 hours use

Two AA batteries supply the power for the keyboard and is compatible with Mac OS X (10.2 and higher) and Windows (98SE or newer).  But company hasn’t yet announced plans for wider distribution. So, you have to just wait for their plans.

MSI WIND TOP AE2220I always have trust on all the products launched by MSI who a leading manufacturer of computer components and systems. And yesterday, MSI has launched the U.S. availability of the Wind Top AE2220 all-in-one desktop PC.

The MSI’s new all-in-one computing system, the AE2220 extends the award-winning Wind Top line with new levels of usability, energy-efficiency, performance and functionality in stylish, an affordable as well as eco-friendly design for today’s PC-centric group.

Features include in MSI Wind Top AE2220 all-in-one desktop PC are:

•    A 21.5-inch screen with 16:9 widescreen displays
•    High-fidelity 5.1-channel SRS Premium Sound
•    Full HD (1080p) resolution
•    HD LCD
•    Windows(R) 7 operating system
•    Combines Intuitive Multi-Touch Screen Control to deliver Theater-Quality Multimedia experience for the whole group

This Wind Top AE2220 is designed to offer you with theater-like multimedia entertainment. It is powered by the latest Intel Core 2 Duo/Pentium Dual Core processors and NVIDIA ION graphics and can run resource-hungry applications, HD movies and also sophisticated 3D games. It also has HDMI and VGA and HDMI input ports that enable the device to serve like the television, primary home computer or a widescreen display device for game consoles as well as other video-capable devices in the home.

Just like other Wind Top products, the AE2220 is designed to match all computing performance requirements while reducing energy consumption. The AE2220 match the latest efficiency needs of ENERGY STAR Version 5.0 Specification for Computers and it can reduce electricity costs by approximately 35% compared to conventional PCs.

This AE2220 all-in-one PC is now available in a number of configurations and is priced starting at $749.99.

Wow! Is that a nice product? What do you say?