The Complete Blog On Technology Editorial Guidelines:

  • You must have an account in for submitting your article, if you don’t have then open your account first before submitting.
  • To be Qualified for our Site, your ARTICLE:
    1. Must follow the categories of Automobiles, Gadgets and Mobile technologies as is a site for technologies only
    2. Must be an original Article, it should not be duplicate
    3. Must be informative and you can share your unique experience
    4. Must be a minimum of 250 words
    5. Must not contain adult/ pornography material, suggest racial intolerance, hate or violence-oriented, advocate against any individual or group, obscene, degrading tone, have insulting or contain profanity
    6. Must not contain content that is a violation of any law, be considered defamatory, infringes or libelous on the legal rights of others
    7. Must not contain information that promotes any organization for sale
    8. Must not be a submission of the same article that exact you already submitted. We will reject these and ban those authors who engage in this task
    9. Must not contain excessive and/or bolded phrases/ keywords. Bolding is only limited to headings and subheadings
    10. Should not contain more than two back links
    11. Your links may not contain a file to be downloaded of any type
    12. If your articles contains any link that are banned by Google or from spam sites or gambling sites then we may reject your articles


  • Do not end your TITLE with a period
  • We don’t accept QUOTES around your entire Title
  • We do not allow Author Name or any Website URL to be in your Title
  • Your Title must not include so many redundant keywords used over and over again, but should read as a natural language. Please DO NOT over-optimize your Title


  • We don’t allow company names to be your Author Name
  • We do allow only ONE account per Human. Creating multiple accounts could result in being removed and banned of your accounts.

Any article that does not follow this guideline will be rejected.

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