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Airpod – Car runs on compressed air

Posted by My Love Technology On August - 4 - 2010

The founder and CEO of Motor Development International (MDI SA) Guy Negre, based in Luxembourg, has invented a compressed air technology for cars. This former aeronautics and formula one engineer has invented this small mini four wheeler ‘Airpod’, that uses compressed air to move pistons in a 5.45 hp internal combustion engine. It has a range of 60 miles on a single tank of air and uses a small motor to compress outside air to keep the tank full.

With the demand for user friendly, inexpensive vehicles that have zero emission and is therefore very environmental friendly, this little wonder is grabbing  a lot of attention. The compressor can operate on gasoline, diesel, ethanol, bio diesel and even vegetable oil.

Though in the first glance the Airpod looks something out of a science fiction movie, it can prove to be very promising as far as savings in fuel consumption is concerned, and of course can help save our earth from global warming. MDI has already licensed its latest technology to Indian car makers Tata Motors.

The Airpod measures 81.5 inches in length, 63 inches wide and 68.5 inches tall and is very much for real.

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